Andrew Clark

About Garage 54 Metal Art

Based out of Auburn California, Andrew was raised in an artistic house. His mother, local artist Diane Clark, created full time from home in almost every medium: Calligraphy to murals, Western clothes to handmade collectable cloth dolls. Andrew was introduced to an endless arts and crafts supply from a young age. His early works were with pencil and building model cars. In high school he studied art and welding. At the time, the two did not coincide; colored pencil on paper was a favorite medium. Just after high school the pencils were set down in favor of pedals and throttles.

Three-dimensional artistic expression

Andrew found a true love for three-dimensional artistic expression in the form of anything with wheels. At first working with bicycles, then cars, then racecars and custom cars. Andrew turned his daily driven vehicle into a show car and successfully won 17 consecutive 1st place awards. All his hard work also earned he and his car a 4-page feature in the January 2003 issue of EuroTuner Magazine. Next Andrew chose vintage motorcycles as an artistic outlet. He built and rode many vintage Honda street bikes from the late 60’s to early 80’s era. Some restored, others chopped, but all built with the great attention to detail Andrew has become known for. It was around this time Andrew found a byproduct of his projects.

When you deal with building bicycles and vehicles for as long as he has, you develop an eclectic collection of machinery, car, motorcycle, and bicycle parts that may not by useful as they were once intended, but had yet to find their way to the rubbish bin. So Andrew started to create things from this reclaimed scrap metal collection. It started as making gifts for family members and friends, and it has evolved to the one-of-a-kind custom metal artwork you see today.

So what is this artistic style Andrew has fallen in love with called? Well, it does not seem to fall in a specific genre, but “Found Object” seems to be the most common term others use to describe it. The always personable Mr. Clark invites you to enjoy his metal art, ask questions, and at minimum, try to name what the parts and pieces where before they where art. When he’s not melting metal together, Andrew enjoys riding bicycles with his wife, a dark beer with friends and working on whichever Volkswagen is in the garage at the time.

Artists Statement

My creations are a merging of old and new, functional and failed. They are 3 dimensional interpretations of busted bits getting a 2nd chance instead of being discarded forever. At times these forms take on familiar shapes, other times they are abstract. Steel is my favorite material with which to work. Most of my pieces are welded together, some bonded, others screwed. My mission is to make a sculpture or product that is pleasant to view, robust enough to last a lifetime, yet challenge the mind to ponder what it was in a past life.

I draw inspiration from the mechanical world. I have a great love for anything with wheels: pedals to throttles. I appreciate a time when products were built to last and quality mattered. Vintage bicycles, motorcycles and cars are a passion. After building many wheeled projects over the years, I have amassed broken and battered bike parts and pieces. Although these parts have exhausted their life as they were intended, I feel they are not done being useful.

The metal art I create doesn’t have a specific title, yet it can fall in several categories. I’ve heard people call it “Found Object” “Junk Art” “Folk Art” and even “Steampunk.” Call it what you like, I’m open to suggestions. To me it’s an independent creation, free of structure. Love it or loath it, I appreciate you taking time to look at it.

Also, if you’d like to commission me for a custom metal art sculpture, sign, showroom display, office display, trophy / award, permanent card, or some other inspired creation; contact me on this site or reach out on Facebook.