Permanent Cards – Personal & Forever

One of my favorite art pieces to make are Permanent Cards.

I have always searched for greeting cards at unique stores hunting for the one that I think will have the greatest impact on the person I’m giving it to.

Unique Permanent Metal Greeting Cards

Unique Permanent Metal Greeting Cards

It was not the words inside I hunted for, although I feel preprinted words can be clever; they lack a personal and intimate message to the recipient.

I only purchased blank cards, as it was the cover art I was after. An image, painting or symbol that I felt would make whom I was giving the card, laugh from the gut, or smile from the heart.

I felt then, and still do, that personal words are of far greater value than printed ones a few thousand people could purchase over the counter.

Mothers Day a few years ago I was on this quest for a unique card.

After several stops I just wasn’t finding what I was looking for. Drawing a card for my mother was out of the question as she is a very accomplished pencil and paint artist…me? Not so good. For some reason I was stuck on a card. While standing in my garage I figured I’d try and make her something. After years of building cars, bicycles and motorcycles, I had all kinds of metal parts around. I spied a piece of scrap sheet metal I had, and the lightning struck! Make a card of steel!

Mother's day permanent metal art cardThis 1st card was admittedly basic, but I’ve always strived for a “less is more” attitude with my builds…art to cars. Randomly, I had a piece of pink bicycle chain (sometimes I don’t know where I get this stuff!) and I welded it in the shape of a heart to the cover. In another pile of items I had an old cabinet hinge, found some hardware and viola… the 1st Permanent Card was born!

Inside was blank…just the way I like it. This way I was able to write my mom a personal message with a paint pen.

Custom commissioned permanent metal art cards

Custom commissioned permanent metal art cards

Since this 1st Permanent Card, I have gone on to make many more. Some have been artistic designs I’ve created and others have been custom commissions from clients.

The wide variety of events I’ve been asked to create these metal art cards for has been a bit surprising. Guys birthdays and weddings, sure, but I’ve now done several for men to give to their wives for anniversaries and even to recent mothers as baby welcoming cards! I never suspected that when I started this, but it is awesome!

I love a new challenge!

I’ve always liked repurposing things, rebuilding things and appreciating the way stuff used to be made…to last. In a throw away society, I enjoy making art and these cards from steel in a fashion that they will be durable and timeless.

You know I like to make things move…take a look at this unique Permanent Card with a money holder and art that moves on the cover.

Personalized Valentine's Day Unique Permanent Metal Art Card

Personalized Permanent Card – One of a kind!

The fact that these cards won’t get crumpled up and thrown away makes me smile. My hopes are that they are placed out for all to see for years to come.

A meaningful card with a personal message and art piece in one package!

Check out Facebook for videos of Permanent Card movement and new examples as they are added over time.


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